Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Male Perspective

I made "can be beautiful" part of the title of this blog because of my disdain for sweeping generalizations about ANY group of people. We humans are uniquely individual in a whole laundry list of ways I won't bother to bore you with or even attempt to transcribe here. We are, of course, very unique within our own subgroups as well. For the purposes of this blog, let's look at a subset of women in our society, large women. For the record, in my humble opinion "fat" is not a 4-lettered word. It's a description. The negative connotation is a by product of our own screwyness and other highly technical internal psycho-goings on. We're a society that's turned on what was once the representation of beauty, female strength and fertility. I have no interest in offering explanations for this. The reasons are there to be found if you're interested. I speak only for myself. I find full-figured, fat, chubby women attractive. Back to my generalizations issue...that doesn't apply to all. Some are more attractive to me than others. No one finds every member of a particular group attractive. I'm no exception. I'm partial to women whose parts are proportionate whatever their particular size happens to be. Other more superficial elements carry less weight (hehehe), for instance, hair color, eye color, etc... I trace my physiological response to a large, curvy figure back to the fifth grade (at least that's when I noticed a preference). I was 10. We had a substitute teacher of large and lovely stature, and as I piece together my crushes and girlfriends throughout that school boy period and extend it into high school and college, there is a very definite preference in evidence. I was a star athlete in school (tennis, basketball), slim build, popular, bass player for the jazz band in high school and college, played football on my post team in the Army, did a little competitive powerlifting (I'm about 5'10" and 265# now with a very solid and evenly proportioned build. Through those personal physical transitional phases, my attraction to women of ample proportions hasn't waned. I don't criticize anyone for their preferences or for whom they might harbor an attraction. I'm simply saying large women are just another flavor on life's menu.